Due to the Covid-19 disease and the transmission of the Coronavirus, all services and classes have been suspended. When the disease is better controlled, we will resume these efforts.

We offer a wide range of classes and educational opportunities in fly casting, fly fishing and fly tying, as well as various specialty classes. We work with anglers of varying levels of experience, from beginners to veteran fly fishers and tiers. Our focus is on providing easy to comprehend instruction to all anglers including children.

Intro to Fly Fishing:

This class provides a basic introduction to the wonderful sport of fly fishing. We take pride in our efforts to make fly fishing an easy and fun activity to learn. Please don’t let past experiences or concerns stop you from trying it. The course will cover equipment, basic casting, stream biology, water safety, and fly selection. At the completion of this course, participants will have a basic knowledge of fly fishing and be able to make casts with a fly rod, rig their lines, and tie on a good fly for a given situation on the water. The next step should be to go out on the water and catch a trout!  These classes are free and are limited to six students so please sign up early to get a spot. Larger group or family classes can be arranged if preferred. Everything you need for the class can be provided by the shop for no additional fees, but if you have your own equipment please bring it along. Please contact the shop for the current class schedules or to sign up.

Intro to Fly Tying:

In the intro fly tying class offered at the Bozeman Family Fly Shop, participants will learn the basic principles of tying. We will cover the different hooks and their uses, the equipment and tools used in fly tying, and the materials such as feathers, furs, threads, and synthetics. The objective of this course is to provide folks exposure to fly tying and some foundation skills. After completing the class, students will be able to identify and use the basic tools and materials used in fly tying and tie some basic flies including midges or San Juan worms. These are evening classes and will be scheduled through the Fall and Winter. The class is free and is limited to 5 students, so sign up early to get a spot. All materials will be provided. Please contact the shop for the current class schedules and to sign up.

Basic Fly Tying:

This class will provide students with instruction on tying basic nymph and dry fly patterns. Participants will learn to use the hook to gauge proportions, dub bodies, work with tailing and winging materials, and tie flies like the pheasant tail or hare’s ear nymph and the woolly bugger streamer. This class will be free and include a 2-hour session from 6-8 pm. Please contact the shop for our current schedule and to sign up.

Advanced Fly Tying Class:

Learning to tie parachute flies, balanced leeches, articulated streamers, foam flies, and other more complicated patterns will be the focus of these classes.

Fish For The Future

One of the programs at the shop is called Fish For the Future. This program was established to pull fishing equipment from the corners of closets and garages where it would likely never see the light of day and get it back out on our local waters in the hands of kids who need equipment. We purchase equipment at garage sales and at area thrift stores, and also accept donations from anglers with extra gear. It is important to the shop that those folks who donate are recognized for the generosity! We appreciate you so much and the kids appreciate having the equipment that allows them to experience the outdoors in a very special way. No donation is too small or large – we regularly receive and send back out with kiddos the Disney princess rods, spin cast equipment, fly rods and reels, and fly boxes. In the event the equipment donated is “too nice” to hand to a youngster, we will sell items at the shop and use the money to purchase equipment more suitable for our young anglers. If an Orvis Helios is donated, we can turn that into ten kids set ups which will have a bigger impact than the one rod. Also, we will put line on the reels, clean up the equipment, and make it as nice as possible and in perfect working order before giving it our future anglers. This program means a lot to us and we’re very proud to be able to supply this equipment at no cost to kids without gear.

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