The Shop In A Nutshell

The Bozeman Family Fly Shop was opened in November of 2016 by Matt Rosenthal. Matt had two fly shops previously, the Waynesville Fly Shop in Waynesville, NC and the Beaver Creek Fly Shop located in Hagerstown, MD. As a fly fisherman, Matt visited shops in many of the areas he fished. Some of these shops had a very special attraction for young and old alike – a table with chairs! Fly shops used to be places for sharing, learning, getting to know one another, and forming life long friendships. A fly tying vise or two, a cup of coffee, and people sharing time and experiences were the most interesting and valuable aspect of the old shops. The concept of a community fly shop complete with a table full of old timers and younger anglers has been slipping away. The tables have been replaced with clothing racks and the single chair is now reserved for trying on waders and boots. Matt believed there was room in Bozeman for a community and family oriented fly shop with a real focus on welcoming people into the sport. From the very first day the shop was opened, folks responded positively to the shop’s different style and feel. We’ve grown quickly and now have the largest and most diverse selection of fly tying materials and equipment in the entire region. If you need some time off your feet, a cup of coffee, or some time at the vise, just swing by Bozeman’s newest old style fly shop.

Please note that because of Covid-19, our tying table is not available and we are not encouraging folks to stay in the shop any longer than necessary for their shopping. We believe this will help contain the spread of this virus in the Bozeman area and beyond. Masks are required for all individuals without exceptions for entry and must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times while in the shop. Thank you for understanding.