The Bozeman Family Fly Shop is now open for Walk-In Service from 10 am To 6 pm Tuesday through Sunday. We are requiring the use of a mask, buff, or bandana for all customers to cover the nose and mouth while in the store. We are limiting the number of customers to 6 at one time, and are asking that our customers maintain the social distancing recommended by the CDC of 6 feet minimum.

Our fly tying table is closed to customers for the time being and all classes have been suspended. These will be available once this Covid-19 disease is better controlled and it is safe to do so.

Fishing is a great way to practice social distancing but please keep a few things in mind: Driving separately is a good idea if meeting a friend on the river; If the access point or parking lot is crowded, try another spot; Give fellow anglers at least 6 feet when passing on trails or boat ramps.

Shop Scoop!

The Bozeman Family Fly Shop is proud to offer high quality, affordable fly tying materials and fly fishing equipment to the region’s anglers. We work with people of varying levels of experience, from beginners to veteran fly fishers and tiers. The shop is focused on providing easy to comprehend instruction to all anglers including children. We strive to be a family and community oriented fly shop without the egos and attitudes that make folks uncomfortable.

An integral part of our philosophy is to encourage anglers and future anglers to spend time in the shop. We offer a large table with some vises available anytime for folks that want to tie a few flies while they’re visiting. The shop will provide the materials free of charge to make it easier to try fly tying. We have a relaxed environment where information is shared openly providing new anglers an opportunity to learn free from pressure.  This is the way fly shops used to be and you still find them from time to time. Now, we have one in Bozeman too!

For those people looking to catch fish on their own creations, we offer basic fly tying classes during the winter months. The shop also provides fly fishing classes for folks who are just trying to get started in the fantastic sport of fly fishing. Believe me, if I can learn to do it, so can you! All classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors with many years of experience helping people learn about this amazing sport.

Many people avoid fly fishing because of the costs associated with getting started are too high. Although it’s true that a good bamboo fly rod can cost over $2000, high end graphite rods can easily cost $900, and the best waders now cost nearly $1000, it’s very possible to get started without having to get a loan from the bank. We have kits available that include a rod, reel, backing, line, leader and the case for less than $200.00. These kits cast and fish very well and even come with a lifetime warranty.

We offer rods from SCOTT Fly rods, TFO, Cortland, St. Croix, and Redington in a variety of line weights, lengths, and actions to suit any angler’s needs. The SCOTT Fly Rods are made in Colorado and are without a doubt, one of the best fly rods made, period. SCOTT has maintained their loyalty to the small shops and resisted the online mentality followed by so many of the rod companies these days. Considering the quality of their rods, the very reasonable pricing, and their loyalty to small shops like ours, I consider it a privilege to sell their equipment here in Bozeman. Cortland has been supporting the USA fly fishing teams for years and have developed a line of Competition and Euro style fly rods that are second to none. These rods are designed for the modern nymphing techniques and are not just the longer rods marketed by some companies as nymphing rods. Their balance, weight distribution, and tip to butt flex transitions make them an excellent choice for anglers looking to get into the Euro Nymphing game. Starting at around $250 for their Competition Nymphing Rods and going up to just $675 for their MKII specialty nymphing rods, Cortland offers nymphing rods for every budget.  

Our reel selection includes reels manufactured in the U.S. by Galvan and Waterworks-Lamson, as well as reels from Redington and TFO. The Galvan Rush LT and Torque reels offer the very best in design and function at excellent price points and are our best sellers. Lamson Guru reels are another fantastic reel made here in the States that features the O-Ring sealed system for years of maintenance free use.

Our wader selection is provided by Redington which offers a wide range of affordable and high quality wader options. With prices ranging from less than $200 up to $500, we are able to offer waders for most price points. An angler really doesn’t have to spend $800 for high quality waders that will last for years of hard fishing.

The Bozeman Family Fly Shop proudly offers Korkers Wading Boots and products. Korkers revolutionized the boot market by creating a line of boots with replaceable soles. The current regulations in the Yellowstone National Park prohibits the use felt soles as a way to control Aquatic Invasive Species that can remain viable for long periods in the moist felt soles of boots. With Korkers, you can easily remove a set of felt soles and attach a set of rubber soles for use in the Park. Then, if you prefer the felt for stability and traction on slippery rocks, you can switch back to felt for use on your home waters. The boots come with two sets of soles and are a very affordable and well designed option for boots. Another nice feature is when you’ve worn down the sole, the boots are not just tossed and replaced. You simply purchase another set of soles and your off and running with fresh treads! We offer both Men’s and Women’s Korkers boots with standard laces, and models with the BOA system for tightening the boots. Tightening your boots with the BOA system is as easy as turning a knob! 

We sell Scientific Anglers SA, Cortland, and RIO fly lines, leaders and tippets featuring a large selection of the Euro/Modern Nymphing lines, leader building materials, tippets and indicators. The Bozeman Family Fly Shop is the area’s largest supplier of Euro or modern nymphing equipment, flies, and fly tying material for these styles of fly fishing. We offer an entire fly selection dedicated solely to Euro and modern nymphing that includes hundreds of the most popular patterns and sizes used with these deadly techniques. Anglers who incorporate some of the Euro and modern Nymphing techniques report huge increases in the number and size of the fish they catch. I’ve been high stick nymphing with weighted flies since the 1980s and have found it to be much more productive on pocket water and deep water streams. The newer equipment, flies, and techniques have added substantially to my angling arsenal and have resulted in both larger trout and more fish per day!